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State Ports Authority Making Strides to Acquire Jasper Port Site

Charleston, SC - Approximately one week after receiving the South Carolina Supreme Court's decision, the State Ports Authority (SPA) has taken several steps to acquire more than 1,800 acres of property on the South Carolina side of the Savannah River in Jasper County to develop a new marine terminal.

Immediately following the decision last Monday, the SPA advised the property owner, Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT), of its intention to acquire the property by way of negotiated sale or, if necessary, by condemnation.

The SPA provided a copy of its appraisal to GDOT and offered to pay $9.317 million for the property. GDOT has declined the SPA's offer, and the SPA has filed a notice of condemnation and deposited the $9.317 million with the Jasper County Clerk of Court's office.

The SPA and its representatives have remained in contact with Georgia over the past week to deal professionally and expeditiously. As a result, steps that could have taken more than a month have been accomplished in a week.

In keeping with S.C. statutes and the Court's decision, the SPA is following a parallel path - taking the necessary steps toward condemnation, while continuing discussions with Georgia to amicably resolve the issue. However, the SPA is obviously committed to the necessary legal actions to acquire the site.

With the decision in hand, the SPA is now moving ahead with the steps required to make a marine terminal in Jasper County a reality and hopes to avoid any unnecessary delays.