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Ports Authority Partners with DHEC to Cut Air Emissions

Charleston, SC - In a voluntary effort to proactively reduce port-related air emissions, the South Carolina State Ports Authority (SPA) today announced a formal agreement and partnership with the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC).

The Memorandum of Agreement jointly signed on Tuesday formalizes the relationship between the SPA and DHEC. The two will evaluate and implement means to cut emissions at the port's existing and future facilities, improving air quality in the Charleston region.

“A cleaner environment and economic development are mutually compatible goals,” said Bernard S. Groseclose Jr., president and CEO of the SPA. “This agreement provides dual benefits to the Charleston community. It preserves quality of life by studying and enacting ways to cut port-related air emissions. At the same time, it generates more high-paying jobs as business expands at the Port of Charleston.”

The agreement calls for DHEC to designate an individual to coordinate air quality consultation for new and existing port facilities. DHEC will also develop and conduct training for SPA personnel on an annual basis.

“The Ports Authority has stepped up to address not only impacts from the new terminal, but existing terminals as well,” said DHEC commissioner C. Earl Hunter. “DHEC appreciates this commitment to improve air quality in the Charleston region and we look forward to working with the Ports Authority,” Hunter said.

The SPA will take a number of specific steps at new and existing facilities, including:

The agreement affirms the SPA's activities that have provided, and will continue to provide, environmental benefits by reducing air emissions. This includes the current replacement of four diesel-electric container cranes with four all-electric models. In addition, over the last five years the SPA has retired ten yard trucks, four container cranes, three rubber tired gantries, two gantry cranes and seven full container handlers.

Also, the agreement recognizes productivity as a key means to reduce air emissions. The SPA is recognized as a leader in both crane productivity and trucker turn times. These strides in efficiency mean ships stay in port for shorter lengths of time, reducing ship emissions, and truckers spend less time idling at SPA facilities.