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SPA Seeks Solutions to Terminal Noise

In response to noise complaints from residents that built and purchased homes in Hidden Cove subdivision, which was developed adjacent to the Wando Welch Terminal property, the Ports Authority has taken several initiatives.

Initiatives to Reduce Noise at the

Wando Welch Terminal Empty Container Yard

To reduce noise impacts, the resulting report suggests constructing a 20-foot high sound wall atop a 25-foot high earthern berm. The Ports Authority has budgeted for this expense and has attempted to meet with the community to determine specifics.

The self-adjusting back-up alarms measure noise levels surrounding equipment and reduce warning sounds accordingly.

While the Port is a ‘round-the-clock' operation, regular operating hours for the empty yard have been limited from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. whenever possible until long-term solutions are in place.

To help understand and correct noise issues, the SPA provided an after hours number to representatives of Hidden Cove for noise complaints – 856-7001. Port Police inspects all complaints to determine if there are unusual circumstances.

To reduce unnecessary truck noise on terminal, pamphlets were distributed to truck drivers.