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YMS Headed to Wando

Installation of the South Carolina State Ports Authority’s new Yard Management System (YMS) at the Wando Welch Terminal took another step forward in July when the Board approved the purchase of computer equipment valued at $748,000.

YMS is the Ports Authority’s new container tracking and inventorying system. It has revolutionized how work is done on the terminals and is speeding cargo through the Port. Mobile computers at the gates and in yard equipment are connected by radio-frequency, which relays data in a real-time environment and eliminates the need for re-keying.

After years of development and testing, common user gates at the Columbus Street and North Charleston terminals are currently using the system. Volume at North Charleston Terminal’s common user gates has increased more than 30% since YMS was deployed, yet check in times have been slashed by 40% with no increase in labor and a reduction in overtime. Other benefits include the elimination of missed/inaccurate billing events and real-time reporting.

The latest project includes eight wi-fi switch panels to provide radio frequency connections, four kiosks to be installed at exit lanes, 100 ruggedized handheld computers and docking stations and 25 ruggedized printers for mission tickets. YMS is scheduled to go live at the Wando Welch Terminal this November.